Happy 16th Birthday Cody ♥

Happy 16th Birthday Cody 

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How much longer :(

just a little longer. I’m trying to finish the last part. sorry for making you wait :(

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Next chapter!!!!!!!!

I know I know! I really want you guys to read it but I’m still stuck at some parts. I’m truly sorry for making you wait :s

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Chapter 14??

I don’t think I can finish it in 1 day or 2. I still have parts that needs fixing. Please wait ^^

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Awesome fanfic (so far)! Hopefully you can update soon...? ;) Maybe have Hana be going back and forth between Cody and Britney and then in later in chapters the paps catch Hana + Cody and Britney sees... But It's really up to you! :D Updateeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Thanks for the ideas! I will update but maybe not so soon :s Still have some parts I need to fix ^^”

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Could you link me to chapter 6 of Music To My Heart? Thanks love

Here ya go love :) http://goldcoastfictions.tumblr.com/post/28343623585/music-to-my-heart

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Okay so I know you just posted chapter 12 but please make 13 fast I am obsessed and just can't wait!!!!!! Omg <3

Wish granted :) I wanted to post chapter 13 last night along with chapter 12 but I guess I forgot and fell asleep instead. Haha. Thank you for your support <3

Music To My Heart.



I’m glad that things cleared up between us and that I can keep on loving her.

Chapter 13

Hana’s POV:

I was waiting for Britney at the mall for our day out today. I didn’t get a very goodnight sleep because I couldn’t stop thinking of Cody and of what he said. Last night played back in my head for hours. I was lucky to get up on time to be here before Britney came. I waited for 10 minutes and she finally arrived.

“Sorry to keep you waiting Hana.”

“It’s cool. Shall we?”

She nodded happily and we were off to shop around the mall. She bought lots of new clothes and I only bought 3. We stopped by for ice-cream at our favorite ice-cream store. As we were eating ice-cream, we heard a conversation of 2 other girls that caught Britney’s attention. They said:

“Did you see the news paper today?”


“Did you see the celebrity page? The one about Cody Simpson?”

“YES! He was seen with someone right? A girl? And not even one of his celebrity friends too! She better not try anything.”

“Urgh. I know right! Cody’s ours!”

“Let’s go.”

And then they left. A girl seen with Cody? It could be anyone. Kylie, Kendell or even Alli. But they did say not one of his celebrity friends. It could be a friend from Australia. Britney rushed us to a store that sells newspapers and after reading the celebrity page, her face was a bit angry.

“Have you seen this?! Who is that girl? When I find her, she will be sorry for hugging MY Cody!”

She gave me the paper , so I read it. The headline was Teenage Australian Sensation Seen Getting Close To Mystery Girl. It shows a picture of Cody and a girl hugging. My eyes were shocked and surprised because the girl in the picture was me! I was sure of it. Those were the PJs I wore last night. I’m shaking!

“Hey Hana, that building looks like your apartment building. You didn’t happen to see anyone there with Cody, did you?”

“Um, no. It looked really late here in the picture so I was probably already asleep.”

“You’re right. It does look late. Never mind about that. I wanna check out the new shoe shop!”

She pulled my hand and ran there. Phew. I’m glad that’s over. I would be dead if she found out it was me. She’s the biggest fan of Cody’s I know. The last thing I want was to hurt her feelings. Now, getting anywhere near Cody seems impossible. What am I going to do? I can’t do anything. Paparazzi is going to be all around Cody and trying to find out who that ‘mystery girl’ is.

“Hana, are you okay? You look like you’re sick. You’re not sick, are you?”

“I’m fine Britney. Thank you. We’ve been waiting for today ever since we planned it. So, I’m not ruining it.”

We both smiled and continued our planned out day. I stopped thinking about the situation and ended up having fun with my best friend.

Our day out was done. Both of us were waiting for a cab outside the mall and talked about how the mid summer festival was just next week. Then my phoned buzzed. It was a text from Cody!

*Hey Hana! I’m gonna be touring around America in 4 days and tomorrow’s my day off. Just wanted to ask if you wanna hang out before I go? Text me as soon as you can :)*

I want to say yes but I don’t want to hurt Britney’s feelings.

“Oh la la. You got a text. Who’s it from?”

I know I shouldn’t tell her but I didn’t what to lie either. I was stuck.


So guys, Happy new year! Honestly I’m kinda stuck chapter 14. I thought of some but they weren’t good enough. I might need a little more time to think about it but maybe you guys could give me some suggestions? :) Lots of love <3

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More today! :) :) !!!!!

Posted chapter 12! :D <33

Music To My Heart.



“And Hana,”

“Yes Cody?”

“I love you.”

Chapter 12 

Cody’s POV:

Hana released herself and looked at me with big eyes and a shocked expression. She quickly turned away from my sight. I was surprised too. What was I thinking? Why would I just say that? I mean, I meant it but I didn’t mean to say it. I was thinking out loud and now look what I did. I’ve put myself in a bad situation.

“Hana, I..I didn’t- well, I mean..Um…” 

I was speechless and afraid of what her response was gonna be. What should I say? What CAN I say? Heart racing, brain over thinking and my stomach is full of butterflies. I guess for now I should apologize.

“I’m sorry I said tha-“ 

“No. It’s okay. But will you be okay if I say that I don’t feel the same way?”

“You.. don’t?” 

I can hear my heart shatter into many pieces like glass. It hurts. I had to pull myself together even if it hurts so bad. She replied:

“It’s not that I don’t. I just can’t say I feel the same way. You understand right?” 

“I do because both are the same thing.”

“That’s not what I meant. I mean that I never fell in love before so I’m not sure what it feels like but every time I’m with you, I feel a different type of happy. I get weird feelings in my stomach and when you said you loved me, I turned away because I felt like my face was red. I’ve never felt like this before. Not even once. I think it’s love but I can’t be really sure because this would be my first time. Let me find out for myself and after I am sure, I’ll give you my real reply.” 

My chest didn’t hurt anymore. I was relieved that it was just that. Silence filled the room awkwardly. So I said:

“It’s getting pretty late. You should get going.” 

“Yeah, you’re right. It is pretty late. I’ll call a cab.”

While she did as she said, I went to check on Alli if she was still awake. I opened the door and she was trying to run back to her room as fast and as quietly as she can. I opened her door and entered her room. 

“Heeeyyy big brother. You’re still awake I see.”

“You’re still awake too. Judging by that smile and the way you ran to your room just now, I’d say you heard everything that Hana and I talked about?” 

“Are you accusing me of eavesdropping?”


“Okay fine. I did. Sorry but oh my gosh, you admitted your feelings!”

“Uh, never mind that. I gotta go. You should go to sleep.” 

I closed the door and went back to Hana who was already outside my room and was about to leave. I told her that it was dangerous for a girl to go out at this time and suggested that I come with her. She agreed and as we were on our way to her place, we caught up with each other and had some laughs. When we arrived, I asked the cab driver to wait for me aa I stepped out. I hugged her goodbye and said: “This turned out to be a great night. I do hope we can meet again.”

“I’m sure we can since we cleared out all the problems. It was nice meeting you again Cody. Goodnight.” 

She walked towards the building’s front door. I was filled with joy to see Hana and I have a feeling I’ll be able to see her a lot more in the future. I yelled out to her.

“Hana wait!”


“Listen, about my feelings that I said out loud. I know you’re trying to find out about these feelings you’ve been getting and then you said you’d give me a reply. But if these feelings are too confusing to understand, then you don’t have to give me a reply or anything. Just please let me keep loving you.” 


She smiled and we hugged again but I felt like someone was watching us. It was probably nothing. We said goodbye again and I went back. I’m glad that things cleared up between us and that I can keep on loving her.